Friday Nights at The lazy Gecko w/ Bo Tam - International DJ


21:00 PM

Bo Tam is a DJ from Windsor Ontario Canada.


Mini Basketball Tournament


12:00 PM



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DJ Mute Speaker


Mute Speaker AKA Rob O’Hara is a producer & DJ currently residing in Kampot, Cambodia via the UK & Ireland, where he spent the last 10 years sharpening his skills.

DJ Bo Tam

From Ontario, Canada

Bo Tam is a DJ from Windsor Ontario Canada.

2003 - Started playing drums/guitar in a rock band in with three friends and toured around the city.

2005 - Started producing and recording for local hip hop artists.

2007 - Started DJing, a year later headlined at premiere clubs around the city (Windsor, Detroit). Gained knowledge in different genres such as Rock, Reggae, Retro, Hip Hop, Old School and 80's.

2016 - Moved to Phnom Penh Cambodia to exlore a new Journey in life. Now starting to DJ in Clubs and venues and gaining network.

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